Bay and Harbour Water Level Oscillations

Continuous seiche driven by tidal shelf-resonance:
Ocean Science, 12

Forcing mechanisms of water level oscillations in Monterey Bay    
and Harbor:   Ocean Science, 11

Monterey 1 Hz Water Level Spectrogram

Coastal Impacts of Sea Level Rise

South Florida's Encroachment of the Sea and Environmental
Transformation over the 21st Century
J. Mar. Sci. Eng., 5(3), 31

Accelerated sea level rise and Florida Current transport
Ocean Science, 11

From the extreme to the mean: acceleration and tipping points
of coastal inundation from sea level rise
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In-tides way: Southeast Florida's September 2015 sunny-day flood,
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Hurricane Sandy Innundation Probabilities Today and Tomorrow,
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Sea Level Rise and Nuisance Flood Frequency Changes
around the United States
NOAA Technical Report NOS CO-OPS 073

Yearly exceedences above MHHW
Yearly number of water level exceedences above MHHW.

Teleconnections to Sea Level Anomalies

AMO and ENSO Teleconnections to Sea Level Anomalies
and Storm Surge

ENSO components of AMO and forcings on coastal sea level anomalies:
  Ocean Science, 9

Exploring temporal surge characteristics as a function of AMO:
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Synthesizing sea level rise projections and AMO surge dependence:
  Climatic Change

Connection between coastal extremes and AMO:
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Key West NTR Return Levels NRC III
Non-tide Residual Return Periods as a function of future year with a NRC III sea-level rise scenario.

Hypersalinity in Florida Bay

Hypersalinity in Florida Bay, a low-dimensional, nonlinear model    
SFNRC October 3, 2016

Map of Florida Bay

Bubble Dynamics and Acoustic Radiation of Plunging Waves

Acoustic Model and Observations:
  Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123(5)

Ocean Wave Spectrum to Acoustic Radiation Model:   Python code

Inverse Model: Acoustic Radiation to Break Height Spectrum:  
Python code

Animation of Breaking Wave and Acoustic Spectrums
from forward model with initial bubble and single plume.

Animation of Breaking Wave and Acoustic Spectrums
with initial bubble and evolving plume.

Wave & Acoustic Radiation Spectrum
Breaking wave spectrum and acoustic spectrum from forward model.

Remote Sensing of Sound Speed Profiles by a Neural Network

IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 21 (2),

Artificial Neural Network for SSP Prediction